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Do I need a consultant?

If you are using options A, C, D, or E, you will not need a consultant.


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Most families use option B, which does require the use of a consultant for the first year of home schooling.

The consultant must be either:

1) a licensed teacher or

2) a parent who has homeschooled at that gradelevel elementary or secondary for at least 3 years.

The consultant requirement only applies to your first year home schooling in Nevada.

How do I find a consultant?

Ask around or check HSU-VV's current newsletter for more information. On the links page, there is a link to some consultants as well. Also, Clark County School District's Home Office has consultant information available.

1) Do check out your consultant's credentials
2) Talk with them to determine if their communication style and teaching philosophy are compatible with yours.
3) Expect the fee for filling out initial forms to be about $50. Fees beyond that point vary widely, so make sure you have agreed upon any extra charges with your prospective consultant.

For more information, please contact us.