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Why do families choose home schooling?


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Families chose to home school their children for all kinds of reasons. Many prefer the one-on-one attention their children can get at home. Some want to give their children a more religiously based education than they can receive in the public schools. Most prefer the social and moral influences of home life.

There are five legal options for home schooling in Nevada:

A. Parent/guardian has previously home schooled and is requesting an exemption for another year and/or child.

B. Parent/guardian does the teaching and textbook selection with the help of a consultant.

C. Parent qualifies for a license to teach. If you hold or qualify for a teaching license for the grade being exempted, you can home school your own children.

D. Parent enrolls in an "approved correspondence program." You will find a list of the Nevada State approved correspondence schools in the papers you receive with the exemption packet.

E. Parent hires a licensed teacher to teach the child.

Attendence exemption applications

In order to legally exempt your child from the compulsory public school attendance, you must file an annual exemption application with the Clark County School District's Pupil Personnel Services Home instruction Office at 2401 E. St. Louis Avenue, Suite "E" 89104 (702)799-8642.
Application forms may be picked up there in person. There is no fee for filing the exemption application with the district Home Instruction Office.

For your convenience, the exemption application is also available by mailing $5 to HSU-VV request an 'introductory information packet' which also includes more consultant information, our 'Staying Connected' newsletter, and additional information. Please allow ample time as we are all volunteers.

For more information, please contact us!