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What about High School and College?

It is important to consider high school credits for older students. Clark County does not issue high school diplomas for home schooled youths. If high school students are planning on receiving credits for re-entry or want to receive a diploma it is necessary to enroll in an approved correspondence school.


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The school district has Alternative Education Programs (799-8625) Adult Diploma (799-8650) Credit By-Exam (799-8636) and COSTAR (799-8643). Ask the consultants or call our phone line for the latest developments.
Any student is eligable to take the GED test once they reach the age of 17. Following specific requirements, it is possible to take the GED test at age 16.

Students 14 years of age or older can attend the Community College. Placement tests (651-5733) can determine whether they are ready for English and Math classes at college level. Students can receive college credit without a GED or high school diploma although one or the other is necessary to obtain your associates degree. State universities will accept community college students with enough credits. UNLV will consider enrollment from these young teens without a diploma or parent-prepared transcripts as non-admitted students. Then as the student earns enough successful credits they can become a fully admitted student.

For more information please contact us.